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Paul Hemphill
Paul Hemphill

Below are my books which are available on Amazon.

My first book, How To Win The College Game, reveals my many secrets to get into and to afford college. What some consider to be my trademark humor is evident throughout the book as I demonstrate how to benefit from getting around colleges' most deceitful practices.

My second book, Why You're Already A Leader, uses the battle of Gettysburg to prove, with 88 short stories, that leadership is in your DNA. Because leadership is the #1 quality sought by every college, I am the nation's only college consultant who can make your child look like a leader even if s/he is not engaged in a single activity.

My third book, Gettysburg Lessons in the Digital Age, answers one question: "How can I benefit from what this person did at Gettysburg?" The book forces history to teach its most important life-lessons, and each student receives the ebook version for free.

My latest book, Planning For College, says one reviewer, is "endearing and hilarious." It includes the easiest way to look like a leader - a college's most desired trait in an applicant - with hardly any effort.

My new book...

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How does your guarantee work?
You’re either blown-away by everything, or you can send one email in the next 2 months and get a 100% refund. And, you can even keep all the free bonuses as my way of saying "thank you" for taking a peek at my College Financial Strategy
How long do I have access to the course?
How does a full year sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for an entire year - across any and all devices you own.
When does the course start and finish?
It starts immediately after you sign-up. You're in control. And don't call to tell me how much you love the course. My phone rings all the time! Actually, if YOU want to call me, I'd love to hear how much money you saved from taking the course.
Why do you really provide these plans?
I want to change the way American history is taught in our schools. Huh? Where did that come from, you ask. Only 18% of high school students have any proficiency in American history, which means our national school system is producing history illiterates. That makes learning history a national security issue. Why? If the next generation doesn't know what their country stands FOR, how can it be expected to stand UP to its enemies? I need all the help I can get to give me the time and focus to make the country one that can protect us each to pursue our own version of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To start, I wrote the book INSPIRATION FOR TEENS. This book, in my view, is the delicious appetizer for the full course, which is the enjoyment and inspiration of America's history. I do this so I can make the money needed to influence the next generation about history and loving it.

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